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All businesses that operate in multiple states or nationwide must have a registered agent. A reputable registered agent service like Northwest will keep track of your important business documents (including that all-important service of process delivery) and help you stay on top of compliance.

Although it’s legal for businesses to act as their own registered agents, hiring a professional service will alleviate one more responsibility from your to-do list.


Choosing the best-registered agent service for your business means finding one that has a large network of agents and is available in every state where you conduct business. In addition, the company you choose should offer other business services that can be useful to your organization. These may include filing annual reports, helping your LLC with general compliance matters, or handling New York’s publication requirements.

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Acting as your own registered agent in multiple states can be problematic, especially if you operate a home-based business or work outside of normal business hours. Hiring a leading registered agent service can alleviate this worry and help you focus on your business. The best-registered agent services will also keep your personal information private and ensure that legal documents reach you promptly. This makes them a great choice for businesses that are growing or considering expanding into other states. In addition, these services are generally affordable compared to other similar services.


A reputable registered agent service will not only help you meet state legal requirements, but they also provide other business benefits. For example, they will keep your personal and business mail separate, giving you peace of mind that any legal documents received by your company won’t be delivered to your home address. This can help prevent you from accidentally misplacing important government paperwork, which could lead to non-compliance and unnecessary fines and fees.

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A well registered agent company will also tack on other important services, like a compliance calendar that reminds you when things like your annual report are due. This can save you a lot of time and headaches, as it eliminates the need to track down all of the different deadlines across the states that you do business in.

Additionally, the best-registered agents will offer discounts for larger businesses that need their services in multiple states. They will also allow you to manage all of your state registrations in one portal, which can be a big help. For instance, our runner-up, Incfile, offers a package that costs a one-time fee and covers all 50 states for an extremely affordable price. They are also known for their excellent customer support. In an age where most companies look to outsource their support processes, they prioritize keeping their customers happy and informed.


While it’s possible to have multiple registered agents for a company, smart business owners like to maximize efficiency in their processes. Having one multi state registered agent service provider for your entire corporation’s operation will help to keep things more organized. Paperwork will come from the same place, billing will be centralized, and there’s only one contact to work with for all of your registered agent services needs.

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For example, National Registered Agents Inc has made it into many review lists as a top registered agent service because of its user-friendly platform that makes it easy to see all documents received and compliance deadlines for your entity. It’s a great option for businesses that need a registered agent in every state and has volume discounts available.

Another good option is ZenBusiness, which has a number of positive online reviews. It’s not the cheapest registered agent service at $125 per year, but it’s a popular choice among business owners because of its robust feature set. It also has a satisfaction guarantee and can act as your registered agent in all 50 states.

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