Types of Exchange: Which is Best for You?

Types Of Exchange Discover Which Programs Exist And Which One Is Best For You

Each Exchange Has Different Objectives And Audiences Ranging From Teenagers To Professionals Over 40 There Are Opportunities In Multiple Destinations, Duration And Budgets

Find Out More Teenagers Aged 14 To 18 Can Study A Year Or Semester Of High School Abroad. Prices Vary Greatly In The Us And Canada, And Can Reach R40,000 Per Semester.

University For Post Graduation Or Specialization Are Arranged With The Universities That Have Specific Academic Criteria This Is One Of The Few Exchanges That Offer Scholarship Learn More

Learn More Language Courses From 2 Weeks To One Year Classes Are For All Levels And Ages Programs Include Socialization Activities And Learning The Local Culture Languages

Work Exchange Or “Work At A Hostel In Exchange For Accommodation” Are For Any Duration And Age But There Are Other Ecological Activities Ongs Organic Farms Is One Of The Cheapest Options Learn More

Learn More As An Au Pair You Will Work Taking Care Of Children And Doing Small Housework Contracts Last For One Year And Are Renewable For Another Au Pair

Work And Travel Us Government Program For University Students Aged 18 To 28 To Work During College Vacations Are Three Months Of Work And One To Travel Learn More

Learn More To Participate You Must Be A University Or Recent Graduate And Be Up To 30 Years Old You Travel With A Guaranteed Place And Earn A Salary Compatible With The Local Cost Of Living Internship