Shraddha Kapoor Begins Her Day With This 2-Ingredient Concoction: Recipe Inside

The Recipe For The 2Ingredient Concoction Is Inside

Her Morning Drink Is Made With Just Two Ingredients And Its The Secret Of Her Refreshing Morning

She Mentioned That A Fresh Ginger And Carrot Juice Is Her Secret To Staying Healthy

The Required Ingredients Are Beets Carrots Salt And Black Pepper

Step 2 Is To Use A Food Processor To Make A Smooth Juice

Dont Strain It Into A Glass Add Salt And Pepper And Enjoy It

The Benefits Of Beet Root Include It Being Low In Fat And High Insoluble Fiber Which Aids In Weight Loss And Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Carrot Is Rich In Vitamins A C And B6 Which Are Necessary For An Optimal Immune Response