Earthquake Jolts Turkey, Syria: Aftermath Pictures Display Scale Of Destruction

The Scale Of Destruction Was Displayed In The Pictures

A Powerful Earthquake Measuring 78 On The Richter Scale Hit Southeast Turkey And Syria Early Monday

The Epicenter Of The Earthquake Was 20 Miles From Gaziantep

More Than 500 People Were Killed When A Powerful Earthquake Shook Turkey And Syria

The President Of Turkey Said That He Hopes That The Disaster Will Be Solved Together As Soon As Possible And With The Least Damage

India Was Ready To Offer All Possible Assistance To Turkey In The Aftermath Of The Earthquake

Turkey Is Frequently Hit By Earthquakes As It Sits On Top Of Major Fault Lines

Turkeys Worst Earthquake Happened In 1999 When Nearly 18000 People Were Killed

India Extends Aid To Turkey Sending Search And Rescue Teams Medical Teams And Relief Material