Dead Island 2 Release ‘Preponed’: All The Details

Gadgets Now Dead Island 2 Release ‘Preponed’: All The Details Feb 19 2023 By: Gadgets Now Bureau

New Release Date Previously Dead Island 2 Was Expected To Launch On April 28. Now The Upcoming Video Game Will Be Released A Week Early I.E. On April 21. Source: Dead-Island-2

Genre Action Role-Playing Game Source: Dead-Island-2

Developer Dambuster Studios Source: Dead-Island-2

Publisher Deep Silver Source: Dead-Island-2

Story The Us Army Has Placed California Under A Quarantine Restriction Zone After The Events Of Dead Island Saw A New And More Powerful Zombie Outbreak. Source: Dead-Island-2

What’S New The Sequel To Dead Island Distinguishes Itself From Its Predecessors By Taking Place In The Quarantined City Of Los Angeles. Source: Dead-Island-2

Brutal Melee Sandbox Players Have More Intense And Gory First-Person Experience Thanks To A Variety Of Weapons And Options To Help Players Chomp Through The Zombie Horde. Source: Dead-Island-2

Explore Hell-A From Beverly Hills To Venice Beach Dead Island 2 Takes Players Across The Most Famous Locations In Los Angeles Now Tarnished With Horror. Source: Dead-Island-2