Angela Lansbury, A Favourite Actress Onstage , Died At The Age Of 96.

When She Was Born In London Britain In 1925 Her Mom Was A Central Character Of The British Phase

Lansbury Was Best Known For Her Role In Murder She Wrote

There Was No Cause Of Death For Lansbury Who Died At The Age Of 96

Lansbury Was Interested In Acting When She Was A Young Teen

She Said That She Had The Feeling That She Was Able To Make An Impact Through The Way She Conducted The Role

After Two Years In Hollywood Lansbury And Her Parent Decided To Move To America

She Played Nancy In Gaslight Her First Movie Role At The Age Of 17

Lansbury Was Best Known For Playing The Evil Woman Of The Braindead In 1962S Manchurian Candidate

Murder She Wrote Was Lansburys Return To Hollywood In The 1980S