Adenovirus Scare In Bengal: Symptoms To Watch Out For

Adenovirus Scare In Bengal: Symptoms To Watch Out For Et Online Feb 20 2023

Bengal Vigilant West Bengal Has Seen A Sharp Increase In Adenovirus Cases With The Government Asking Health Officials To Be Vigilant About Flu-Like Symptoms In Kids. Image Source: Bccl

30% Positive For Adenovirus According To A Report By The Times Of India 30% Of The Samples Sent To Niced Had Adenovirus. On Sunday At Least Two Children Died Due To It. Image Source: Istock

What Are Adenoviruses? Adenoviruses Are A Group Of Viruses That Cause Several Infections In Humans Including Respiratory Gastrointestinal And Eye Problems. Image Source: Istock

How Does It Spread? Adenoviruses Are Highly Contagious And Can Spread From Human To Human Through Contact Air (Coughing And Sneezing) Touching An Object Or Surface Or Through Stool. Image Source: Istock

Symptoms Adenoviruses Can Affect Different Parts Of The Body. Here Are The Symptoms For Each Of Them. Image Source: Istock

Respiratory Symptoms Common Cold Or Flu-Like Symptoms Fever Sore Throat Acute Bronchitis Are Common Indications Of Respiratory Infections Caused By Adenoviruses. Image Source: Istock

Eye Infection Adenoviruses Can Also Cause Pink Eye Or Conjunctivitis And Redness In Eyes Among Others. Image Source: Istock

Gastrointestinal Issues Diarrhea Nausea And Vomiting Are Symptoms Of Acute Gastrointestinal Issues Caused By Adenoviruses. Image Source: Istock