10 Deadliest Earthquakes In History

Early This Morning A 78 Magnitude Earthquake Struck Turkey Near The Syrian Border

The September 1923 Earthquake In Japan Killed Over One Thousand People And Caused A Tidal Wave Up To 40 Feet High

May 1960 Holds The Record For The Strongest Earthquake Ever Recorded

The Hindu Kush Region Was Hit By Two Earthquakes Just A Few Months Apart

An Earthquake Measuring 76 On The Richter Scale Killed Over 75000 People

The May 2008 Earthquake In China Killed Around 87000 People And Left 10 Million Homeless

The City Of Portauprince Was Damaged By A 70 Magnitude Earthquake On January 12

Over 15000 People Were Reported Dead Or Missing In Japan In March 2011

Around 800 People Were Killed In A 77Magnitude Earthquake In September